Manage condominiums

Your property is important to us

The management of condominiums requires in-depth knowledge and skillful interaction with the owners. It is therefore essential that an independent and well-trained person carries out this activity. 15 years of practical experience and a federal certificate. dipl. Real estate managers guarantee a professional execution.

With great pleasure and passion, we will manage your property efficiently, competently and at a fair price. The following points are included in the specification:

  • Administrative management: convening, keeping and taking minutes of the meeting, executing the resolutions according to the minutes of the meeting
  • Representation of the community of owners to the outside
  • Deadline management for the conclusion, renewal and termination of insurance and service contracts for systems
  • Technical management: employment, introduction and control of the caretaker, general maintenance and repair work
  • Accounting: Preparation of the annual accounts, the budget, collection of contributions on account for the community costs Storage of the justification documents, the regulations, usage regulations, existing annual accounts, minutes and plans

The above specification can be adjusted according to the wishes of the condominium owner association and is not final.

An offer for a possible management takeover is non-binding and free of charge for you. You will only incur costs once the mandate has been issued.